Marty Greene (martygreene) wrote in gothic_living,
Marty Greene

black and white and batty all over

After being together for longer than we've managed to keep track, my partner and I are finally starting to look for a place for just the two of us, rather than shared housing with friends as we've been doing.

Over the years I've put together my own sort of trousseau as it were. Basically, storing things in my old room at my parents house (it's in the basement anyhow, why not?). I've got assorted kitchen things, dishtowels, dishes, mom got me my beloved nautilus spiral handled silverware a few years back for chanukkah. I'm starting to hunt for livingroom, diningroom, and bathroom decor and wares.

Color scheme is basically black and white (grays in there too), and accents of deep jewel tone reds (think garnet or ruby glass), purples, blues, dusty lavendar, and halloween green (greener and darker than chartreuse, not spring or day-glo either... hard to describe). Yes, it's an odd palette, but done right it just works. Not all the colors live together of course.

I love a lot of the stuff that Urban outfitters has right now, in their flocked baroque pattern. This is exactly what we're going for predominantly. Other desired patterns are black and white or black on black stripe, bats, or spiders. I'd LOVE to be able to have the bathroom be the bats, and the kitchen be the spiders. Unfortunately, it seems I (and one other friend of mine) are alone in our love of these otherwise deemed ooky critters.

I'd love suggestions and ideas of where to look for such things. I promise pictures of our first dinner party in the new place, once all is said and done. Oh, and we're looking to do all of this 'round August/September- so I'll of course be hitting up the halloween schwag 'round then for goodies.
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