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I don't even know what to call my style, or even in reference to how my/our home is (my wife, and three spoiled cats). I would say it's a mix of Gothic, Fairy Tale, toy store, art studio, and then a slow steady influence of Victorian. I guess I would say for myself it's just a bunch of too many interests that some how are able to mesh together through common reference points.

Anyway............ Last year my wife and I bought a house, and ever since then we have been fixing it.

My recent big project was the sun porch, which sadly now neither us or the cats get to use due to the heat & humidity. We agreed on a mildly fluffy Fairy Tale approach, my wife picked the colors and I spent many a weekend working on it. There are some minor things I will be adding later, but all in all, it's done.

Under the cut is information with photos of how I created the room.

This is what I started with.

The slow steady progress. I painted the floors and part of the ceiling pink, and the rest brown for the base. I did this so I could later go back and do various ragging techniques.

I should have used a really big sponge with large pieces ripped out of it. A smaller sponge with medium holes works good with things not the size of a wall. I'm just not used to working in large scales. So, I made the mistake, but I recommend big on big, small on small. Although, it's all preference anyway. I just wanted it to turn out just like the walls of my toy room.

Before the vines and flowers went up

I'm pretty much done. I do need some more slight additions, but that will have to wait till later.

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