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[13 Jan 2011|05:55pm]

 Hi everyone, glad to find this group. just starting in the decor, always looking for ideas.
I did my bedroom in fairies, making a headboard like a broken wall with fairy windows.
of course in the windows are little fairy rooms.

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Gothic stuff at Target [01 Oct 2009|09:52pm]

No, really. Every year I go to Target to check out the Halloween section, just to see some of the cheap decor. It's not all cheap costumes. Three years ago, I found the most amazing wrought iron black candle holders for the walls shaped like gothic arches, perfect for 8"x4" pillar candles. They're hanging by the bookshelves now. If my camera worked, I would post photos! There were other items too, like a wrought iron ornate crucifix candle holder, which I picked up for only $10.

Christmas time is a good time to hunt for some goth-ish stuff too- at fabric stores during Halloween, there are often remnants of a yard or less of various Halloween-themed fabrics, but at Christmas they release the good stuff! Christmas sales at Jo-Anns', where I used to work, always had sales on plush, expensive velvets and some laces at Christmas. And that also translates to remnants, which are discounted. They're excellent when re-covering chair cushions on thrift-store pieces. Last year, I snagged an even yard of deep red velvet for about $5. Considering that it had been nearly $15 a yard previously, I was thrilled!

Yeah... I'm usually pretty broke, so I try to live cheaply but glamorously... ^_^
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New member [31 Jul 2008|03:54pm]

I don't even know what to call my style, or even in reference to how my/our home is (my wife, and three spoiled cats). I would say it's a mix of Gothic, Fairy Tale, toy store, art studio, and then a slow steady influence of Victorian. I guess I would say for myself it's just a bunch of too many interests that some how are able to mesh together through common reference points.

Anyway............ Last year my wife and I bought a house, and ever since then we have been fixing it.

My recent big project was the sun porch, which sadly now neither us or the cats get to use due to the heat & humidity. We agreed on a mildly fluffy Fairy Tale approach, my wife picked the colors and I spent many a weekend working on it. There are some minor things I will be adding later, but all in all, it's done.

Under the cut is information with photos of how I created the room.

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A headboard... [10 Aug 2007|04:25pm]

I wanna make a headboard. I have a sheet of wood and a Dremel tool with lots of attachments; including a router.

I need a design.

Any ideas?

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[17 Jun 2007|11:39pm]

Anyone ever made a bolster pillow? I found this site with directions, but wanted some feedback. I'm planning on making one to span the width of my queen-sized bed, so it seems like a lot to go through on an untested pattern.


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Tiffany stained glass ceiling fixture on ebay [21 May 2007|10:40pm]

I know this really is not a selling community but I thought someone might be interested in this ceiling light fixture/chandelier I have on ebay.

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Soon to be proud owner! [20 Mar 2007|07:19pm]

Hubby and I just purchased this. Doesn't ship until May, but thrilled nonetheless to have something so unique to put my wine in.

Let me tell you getting on their email list and purchasing from them does pay because we have never paid full price for a thing. We got an additional 15% off the sale price because of their anniversary sale and an additional 20% off the sale price of this last year when they had one of their email only special sales.

I know I have mentioned Design Toscano in the past, but I just wanted to say again how much we love their stuff. It's always been high quality with everything we have purchased from them over the years. Plus wanted to let you all know you should get on their email list if you aren't so that you can take advantage of when they have their email only sales.
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If ya have some spare change :D [07 Mar 2007|08:10pm]

Found this nifty little fan to keep you cool this summer :D They have a ceiling one to match for those that own your own homes :D
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black and white and batty all over [01 Mar 2007|02:38pm]

After being together for longer than we've managed to keep track, my partner and I are finally starting to look for a place for just the two of us, rather than shared housing with friends as we've been doing.

Over the years I've put together my own sort of trousseau as it were. Basically, storing things in my old room at my parents house (it's in the basement anyhow, why not?). I've got assorted kitchen things, dishtowels, dishes, mom got me my beloved nautilus spiral handled silverware a few years back for chanukkah. I'm starting to hunt for livingroom, diningroom, and bathroom decor and wares.

Color scheme is basically black and white (grays in there too), and accents of deep jewel tone reds (think garnet or ruby glass), purples, blues, dusty lavendar, and halloween green (greener and darker than chartreuse, not spring or day-glo either... hard to describe). Yes, it's an odd palette, but done right it just works. Not all the colors live together of course.

I love a lot of the stuff that Urban outfitters has right now, in their flocked baroque pattern. This is exactly what we're going for predominantly. Other desired patterns are black and white or black on black stripe, bats, or spiders. I'd LOVE to be able to have the bathroom be the bats, and the kitchen be the spiders. Unfortunately, it seems I (and one other friend of mine) are alone in our love of these otherwise deemed ooky critters.

I'd love suggestions and ideas of where to look for such things. I promise pictures of our first dinner party in the new place, once all is said and done. Oh, and we're looking to do all of this 'round August/September- so I'll of course be hitting up the halloween schwag 'round then for goodies.
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Just Browsing [04 Jan 2007|04:50pm]

As usual, we can't help but browse realestate even though we can't afford to purchase a home right now. However, between my husband, sister in law, and I, we have found some homes for sale that we think would be smashing for Husband and I to fantasize about decorating with all of our vines and gothic goodies. Want to daydream with me? Click the links.
(Hint: click "View larger picture", THEN click on thumbnails to see bigger pix of interiors, etc, otherwise the thumbnails won't do anything. It will open up in a  separate window.)This one needs help, but it has potential:

This one looks REALLY bad, but I like the beamed ceilings?

I wish there were interior shots of this one, it looks uber-cute:)

Definitely has Gothic potential!

Again, possibilities:

Clean and cute!:

SIL found this one-TO DIE FOR!!!

This one is about 100 feet away from my mom's, also to die for:

And this one is in a great neighborhood, I used to clean the mansion next door and always wondered what it looked like inside. I woulod KILL for this house!!!

Well, thank you for putting up with my drooling...I need to go rob a bank, win the lottery, or prostitute or something now...:)
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Ye old Yule tree [07 Dec 2006|06:23pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Just showing off our "Chrismouse" tree....

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reproduction furniture [28 Sep 2006|07:19pm]

Tell me, do any of you know where I can find some affordable reproduction antique furniture or decorations?  I try to use real antiques, but sometimes I just can't find what I need.  Well made reproductions would fit the bill.

I've already found some stuff at homedecorators.com, but their selection is limited.


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Help identify this table? [22 Aug 2006|06:39pm]

This table was my first antique purchase. It came from the estate of a prominent local attorney who willed his estate to a nearby university. The university took what they wanted and held an auction to dispose of the rest. What was left over filled the events building of the county fairgrounds and took almost 8 hours to complete.

It was love at first sight when I saw it.

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Gothic Spaces, Gothic Places... [15 Aug 2006|01:41pm]

[ mood | calm ]

While we were poking around, wanting to buy our own home, I got curious and took a look at some area condos, despite my general despise of the thought of "Buying an apartment."
I found these...
in a tower high...Collapse )

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NJ victorian [14 Aug 2006|12:36pm]


259 Main Street, Metuchen, New Jersey... early 1930's.
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And I Totally Forgot.... [03 Aug 2006|08:38pm]

Last weekend I ran out to my parents' house and picked up my vanity. I decided to move my altar and plant the vanity in that spot. I think it looks pretty romantic. I found the brocade cushion (tuffet!) at Home Goods on clearance for $18, marked down from $50. Go me!
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For those who didn't already see my husband's journal... [03 Aug 2006|06:38pm]

Our new sofa and loveseat came! they are so super comfy, and they made a BIG difference in the way the room looks. The grey sectional we had was just not meshing with our gothic decor!
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HELP! I need to know if this is possible! [27 Jul 2006|09:00pm]

As many of you already know, we have a black canopy bed. But its not the really pretty kind, its the cheap one everyone in the world already has.
As you may also know, I want one akin to this:

but there is no way I have 43000 to spend on a bed at the moment. So, I am thinking there must be a crafty way to create it in a more inexpensive way. So for all of you who are really good with stuff like this, I want to know: would it be possible to keep the rails and canopy in place, remove the head and foot boards, replace them with railing/pipe from a homeimprovement store, and then be able to weld/solder/attatch things like the following in some way to make a custom gothy bed? I'd really like to know if anyone has any plausible ideas, as some of the pieces on our footboard have come loose and I have had to resort to putting it back together with electrical tape!
scrolly iron stuff hereCollapse )
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Just a Silly Tidbit... [21 Jul 2006|12:24pm]

[ mood | in pain ]

My husband and I are always looking for stuff that fits our decor and personalities. Appliances can be hard, they are often an eyesore. Our microwave was OK, though not the best, and our toaster undertoasted or burned bread at its own discretion.
Walking through Target one night (how goth) we happened upon these, and they fit in to our home beautifully!

We got both for $100.00:)

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Gothic Decorating Fun [23 Jun 2006|09:17pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I was searching the Net today, and I found several sites and pix that some may find inspirational...keep in mind: None are my house, but they are all great ideas!

Home Sweet Tomb?Collapse )

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