Daeg (perthro) wrote in gothic_living,

Gothic stuff at Target

No, really. Every year I go to Target to check out the Halloween section, just to see some of the cheap decor. It's not all cheap costumes. Three years ago, I found the most amazing wrought iron black candle holders for the walls shaped like gothic arches, perfect for 8"x4" pillar candles. They're hanging by the bookshelves now. If my camera worked, I would post photos! There were other items too, like a wrought iron ornate crucifix candle holder, which I picked up for only $10.

Christmas time is a good time to hunt for some goth-ish stuff too- at fabric stores during Halloween, there are often remnants of a yard or less of various Halloween-themed fabrics, but at Christmas they release the good stuff! Christmas sales at Jo-Anns', where I used to work, always had sales on plush, expensive velvets and some laces at Christmas. And that also translates to remnants, which are discounted. They're excellent when re-covering chair cushions on thrift-store pieces. Last year, I snagged an even yard of deep red velvet for about $5. Considering that it had been nearly $15 a yard previously, I was thrilled!

Yeah... I'm usually pretty broke, so I try to live cheaply but glamorously... ^_^
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